2007-774 14Dec07  Kevin Rudd climate change.
Kevin Rudd backtracking on climate change commitments
made during the Federal election campaign.
2007-767 11Dec07 Alexander Downer comments on Julia Gillard.
A backwards look at Alexander Downer's famous fishnet stockings incident.
2007-755 6Dec07  Window dressing mannequins.
The sidelining of Peter Garrett (the Minister for the Environment) by Kevin Rudd.
2007-732 27Nov07  Political Phoenix rising.
Need for the Liberals to make a clean break from the Howard legacy.
2007-727 26Nov07  Howard's legacy.
Jaded look at Howard's Iraq legacy.
2007-722 25Nov07  The political map of Australia today.
The complete dominance of Labor in Australian politics.
2007-718 22Nov07  Aussie desert island castaway.
Voter fatigue with the Australian Federal election campaign.
2007-717 21Nov07  Illicit reading.
John Howard's strong denial that the Coalition planned
to introduce a second phase of their Workchoices IR policy.
2007-665 25Oct07  The little inflation engine.
Tax cuts proposed by both Labor and the Liberals tipped to drive up inflation.
2007-693 7Nov07  Punters at the Interest Rates Stakes race.
The negative impact of the latest interest rate rise on the Howard government.
2007-664 25Oct07  The worm and the python.
The damage interest rate rises do to John Howard's election campaign.
2007-655 22Oct07  Giving and election speech.
Kevin Rudd's policies often not differing greatly from John Howard's policies.
2007-644 16Oct07  How tax cuts can protect you from global warming.
The latest proposed tax cuts will cut the funds available to fight global warming.
2007-642 15Oct07  Placing an each way bet on the Federal election.
Light hearted look at the similar  statures of John Howard and Kevin Rudd.
2007-638 12Oct07  Reconciliation marches.
Prime Minister Howard's somewhat late embracing of aboriginal reconciliation.
2007-633 11Oct07  Back to teaching Australian history the traditional way.
Prime Minister Howard's plan to implement a more
traditional Australian History syllabus for schools.
2007-632 11Oct07  Spot the Labor Party politician.
The gagging of ALP politicians to prevent them commenting on the death penalty debate.
2007-631 10Oct07 The start of the Federal election race.
John Howard postponing calling the Federal election until the last possible moment.
2007-629P 9Oct07  Making a pokies revenue donation.
Senator Julian McGauran's family hotel has been implicated in
withholding poker machine revenue money that  was meant to go to charity.
2007-623 8Oct07  The last grain of sand.
John Howard postponing calling the Federal election until the last possible moment.
2007-620 5Oct07  The black arm ban view of history.
Look at the Government's suspension of of humanitarian immigration from Africa.
2007-615P 3Oct07 The Minister for immigration's in and out trays.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on Kevin Andrews'
suspension of humanitarian immigration from Africa.
2007-610P 2Oct07  The Kevin Andrews citizenship test.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Federal government suspending
humanitarian immigration from Africa.  Kevin Andrews is the Minister for Immigration.
2007-586 14Sept07  John Howard team player.
Claims that Prime Minister Howard has now become a team player.
2007-581 13Sept07  Davids and Goliaths.
Speculating on how John Howard and Kevin
Rudd see themselves in relationship to each other.
2007-579P 12Sept07  Does anyone want a change?
Pocket cartoon that went with article about leadership change
speculation in the Liberal Party because of poor opinion polls.
2007-576P 11Sept07  Still in control.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on Howard's leadership problems.
2007-555 4Sept07  APEC detention centre.
Comparing APEC security and detention centres.
2007-545 30Aug07  Kevin Rudd's balanced industrial relations policy.
Both unions and business critical of Rudd's IR policy.
2007-531 24Aug07  The interest rate rise lever.
Another interest rate rise would damage the Howard government.
2007-524 21Aug07  Pole dancing.
Quirky look at the Rudd strip club incident (there apparently was a pole dancer).
2007-522 20Aug07  Hot night on the town.
A look at Kevin Rudd's drunken night out at a strip club.
2007-515 16Aug07  Wedgie politics.
Kevin Rudd and John Howard joining forces against
Peter Beattie's council amalgamation plans.
2007-507 11Aug07  Terrorist threat in Pakistan.
Speculating on Pakistan's reaction to Australia selling uranium to India.
2007-505 13Aug07  The Stations of the Cross today.
Both major political parties clambering for the Christian vote.
2007-490 7Aug07 Scares John Howard.
The threat that rising interest rates pose to John Howard.
2007-479 31July07  Another suspicious person.
A look at the handling of the Mohamed Haneef case
by the Federal Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews.
2007-474 27July07  Reaction to Premier Steve Bracks' resignation.
A look at the Costello Howard leadership battle via the resignation of Steve Bracks.
2007-469 26July07  Celebrating John Howard's birthday.
Long standing rivalry between Howard and Costello.
2007-464 25July07  If Bracks and Howard were neighbours.
Steve Bracks and John Howard feuding over the
management of the Murray Darling river system.
2007-461 24July07  Kevin Rudd's forest policy.
Kevin Rudd's Forrest policy primarily aimed at unseating John Howard.
2007-457 20July07  Janette Howard's influence.
Look at the relationship between Prime Minster Howard and his wife Janette.
2007-446 17July07  Letting Mohamed Haneef out on bail.
Terrorist suspect Mohamed Haneef detained in an immigration detention
centre by the Federal Government after he was released on bail by the court.
2007-444 16July07  John Howard really worried.
Speculating that Costello is unlikely to challenge
Howard for the leadership until after the election.
2007-416 3July07  Out in front in the Federal election.
Union boasts about controlling Kevin Rudd have damaged Labor's election chances.
2007-410 29June07  Fighting crime in Australia.
The Federal Government taking control of Aboriginal owned land as
part of their crackdown on crime and poverty in Aboriginal communities.
2007-397 26June07  That person over there is in trouble.
The furore over aboriginal welfare a convenient distraction for Prime Minister Howard.
2007-389 21June07  Performance pay for teachers.
Performance pay for teachers applied to politicians.
2007-261 1May07   John Howard at the movies.
The veteran political campaigner John Howard.
2007-365P 12June07  Meeting the Dalai Lama.
John Howard meeting the Dalai Lama but trying to keep
a low profile so as not to offend the Chinese government.
2007-351 6June07  Rollout of the new high speed cable.
Telstra stalling on the roll out of the new high speed internet
cable in an attempt to broker a more competitive deal.
2007-347 5June07  Finally seeing the light.
John Howard finally changing  his position on global warming.
2007-342 1June07  Climate change.
John Howard finally recognising global warming as a major problem.
2007-332 29May07  Go for the balls not the man.
Below the belt look at the state of politics in Australia.
2007-330 28May07  WorkChoices fairness test.
The Federal Government's introduction of a fairness test in
an attempt to soften the negative response to WorkChoices.
2007-303 17May07  Budget surplus carrot.
Howard still behind in the opinion polls despite Federal budget pork barrelling.
2007-300P 16May07  Snubbed in Australia.
Allegations that Australian politicians have snubbed the Dalai Lama.
2007-291 11May07  Receiving the news about Tony Blair.
Peter Costello's ambition to replace John Howard as PM.
2007-286 10May07  Basking in the sun.
The looming threat of global warming threatens
to overshadow the current good economic times.
2007-277 8May07  Drought?  What drought?!
Massive Federal treasury surplus.
2007-280P 8May07  What remains the same.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-279P 8May07  Trump cards in the election poker game.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-278P 8May07  Federal Budget funding.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-271 4May07  Softening of WorkChoices.
The Federal government's scaling back of WorkChoices legislation.
2007-268 3May07 Ethical standards in Federal politics.
Furore over Bill Heffernan calling Julia Gillard "deliberately barren".
2007-258 30April07  Political choice today.
The ALP's uranium policy now much closer to that of the Liberals.
2007-240 23April07  Tell us the one about  Noah and the flood again!
John Howard becoming very nervous about the damage the drought is doing.
2007-242 24April07  Australia rising speech.
John Howard's "Australia rising" speech and drought in Australia.
2007-208 3April07  Sentencing David Hicks.
The gag conditions placed on David Hicks as part of his
sentence is very convenient for the Federal Government.
2007-202P 30Mar07 Media diversity will not suffer.
Went with article on Helen Coonan reassuring the public that
media diversity will not suffer under the new media ownership laws.
2007-196 29Mar07  Our Green Prime Minister.
John Howard's reluctance to fully commit to carbon emission reduction targets.
2007-192 28Mar07  The responding to global warming race.
Howard perceived as a late starter in the race to respond to global warming.
2007-174 21Mar07  Mr. Santoro has fallen on his sword.
Santo Santoro resigning from parliament in disgrace.
2007-164 16Mar07  What is your water policy?
Lack of information on policies but plenty of mud
slinging in the lead up to the Australian Federal election.
2007-157 14Mar07  Passed by everyone on the road.
Australia being left behind in the environment stakes as the UK and
other countries introduce tougher carbon emission reduction targets.
2007-133 5Mar07  I just love politics!
Jaded look at the latest round of political mud slinging.
2007-136 6Mar07  Australia, a land of no water but plenty of mud.
Latest round of political mud slinging initiated.
2007-134 5Mar07  Brian Burke in the visitors' gallery!
Surmising that panic would break out amongst politicians if Brian Burke was to turn up in Canberra.
2007-130 2Mar07  Spot the difference.
Brian Burke as dangerous as radioactive material for the ALP.
2007-121 27Feb07  Australia's current procedure for processing asylum seekers.
Our practice of pressuring Southeast Asian countries to take asylum seekers trying to enter Australia.
2007-119 19Feb07  A politician's definition of "clean coal".
The push for "clean coal" being stymied by some politicians.
2007-098 19Feb07  Assessing the impact of climate change.
Politicians driven more by opinion polls than the actual evidence on climate change.
2007-085 13Feb07  George Bush gets a standing ovation.
John Howard 's enthusiastic support for George Bush despite Bush's unpopularity.
2007-074 7Feb07  Bad doggy.
A look at John Howard's relationship with George Bush.
2007-058 1Feb07  The Prime Minister and Premiers finding common ground.
The States and the Federal Government moving towards
agreement on the management of the Murray Darling.
2007-049 29Jan07  Watered down policy.
Dig at past environmental policies of both State and Federal Governments.
2007-002 4Jan07  Tony Abbott's abortion services hotline.
Tony Abbott's decision to involve the Catholic Church
in the Government's pregnancy counselling service.