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2008   january to june

June  2008 
2008-352 27June08  Different views of the world.
The economy is not everything.
2008-351 27June08  Sports star mirror.
The rosy image that many sports stars have of themselves.
2008-349 26June08  Mugabe's grip on power.
Robert Mugabe's human right's abuse.
2008-347 25June08  Future vehicle transport.
Rising price of petrol causing economic hardship for
most and massive profits for oil producing countries.
2008-345P 24June08 Super environmentally friendly petrol.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story on Caltex calling for people to use less petrol.
2008-344 24June08 Modern version of The Man from Snowy River.
Inflation becoming a problem in Australia.
2008-343P 23June08  Australian scales.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the obesity epidemic in Australia.
2008-342P 23rd June  Don Chipp Democrats.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Australian Democrats considering changing their name.
2008-341P 23June08  Zimbabwean Presidential run off.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Morgan Tsvangirai pulling out
of the Presidential run offs because of violence by the Mugabe regime.
2008-339 23June08  Why Saudi Arabia can't produce more oil.
Urgings for Saudi Arabia to produce more oil to alleviate the pressure on the price of oil.
2008-335P 20June08 Richard Pratt's boxes.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Richard Pratt facing
criminal charges over price fixing. Pratt's company makes boxes.
2008-332 20June08 Iguana Joe.
Fallout from the fracas between Iguana Joe's nightclub staff and Belinda
Neal continues while the Prime Minister takes a very low profile.
2008-331P 19June08 Kidman ultrasound.
Went with article on Nicole Kidman's ultrasound of her unborn baby.
2008-330 19June08  Training for the Beijing Olympic games.
High air pollution levels in Beijing a risk to Olympic athletes.
2008-328 18June08  Charting Peak Oil.
Musing on the practical impact of Peak Oil on motorists.
2008-327P 17June08  Performance enhancement at the Beijing Olympic.
High pollution levels in Beijing causing health problems for Olympic athletes.
2008-325 17June08  Brendan Nelson's impersonation of Moses parting the Red Sea.
Opposition Brendan Nelson's implying that he
has the answers to stem the rising price of petrol.
2008-323P 16June08  Irrigators'  water allocation this season.
Pocket cartoon that went with story that Murray river
irrigators in SA are to get just 2% of their water allocation.
2008-321 16June08  Robert Mugabe's ballot box.
Mugabe using force to usurp the democratic process in Zimbabwe.
2008-319 13June08  Modern vacuum cleaners.
High price of petrol a great strain on many people.
2008-317 12June08  The piercing look.
Body piercing by teenagers and the generation gap.
2008-316 11June08  Retrospectively fitted hybrid car.
Petrol electric hybrid cars.
2008-314P 10June08  The hybrid car that will never be made.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the announcement
that Toyota Australia will be making a hybrid car.
2008-308 5June08  Kevin Rudd tackling global warming.
Prime Minister Rudd tentative response to global warming.
2008-309 6June08  Signs that the price of petrol is beginning to bite.
Rising price of petrol beginning to bight economically.
2008-310 6June08 Tony Mokbel's escape.
Tony Mokbel's daring escape from Australia in 2006 and his celebrated
toupee that he was wearing when he was caught in Greece.
2008-311P 6June08 The weapon of choice for Christine Nixon and Paul Mullett.
The introduction of automatic pistols to the Victoria police and the animosity
between police commissioner Christine Nixon and police union president Paul Mullett.
2008-306 5June08  Save the over consumption wallies.
The environment and over consumption.
2008-305 4June08 Declaring the Democratic presidential nomination winner.
The bloody and prolonged battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.
2008-298 2June08  The new Cold War.
Global warming expressed as a reference to the Cold War.
2008-297 2June08  The lost tribe's first contact with civilization.
Alleged discovery of a lost tribe in the Amazon and censorship of art.
2008-293 30May08  When art was strictly censored.
A look at art and censorship in general.

 May  2008 
2008-289 29May08  Hoon burnout in a post oil world.
Looking at the looming world oil shortage through the eyes of hoons
2008-288 28May08  Desert islands.
Speculating on the future for motorists without an abundant oil supply.
2008-284 27May08  Bringing down the price of petrol.
Kevin Rudd ineffectual in controlling the price of petrol.
2008-281P 26May08  Nazi memorabilia that's never been for sale.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on protest over
Nazi memorabilia being sold at a Victorian market.
2008-279 26May08  Photo of a nude child.
Series of photographs by the photographer Bill Henson depicting nude
pubescent  girls  have been confiscated and banned by the NSW police.
2008-275 23May08  The law and order arms race.
Speculating that calls for Victorian police to be armed with automatic pistols instead
of old style revolvers may simply be another step in an arms race that police can't  win.
2008-273 22May08  The new Apartheid in South Africa.
South African rioters targeting citizens from other countries living in South Africa.
2008-272V 22May08  The Scales of Justice today.
Greed creating a very unjust world.
2008-259 16May08 Cloud over solar power.
The powerful coal lobby allegedly stifling the emerging solar power industry.
2008-270 21May08  Not sure about global warming.
Denial about global warming despite overwhelming evidence.
2008-269P 20May08  Down to earth Kevin Rudd.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the latest opinion
poll showing a very high approval rating for  Kevin Rudd.
2008-267 20May08 Technological edge over a criminal.
Debate over whether the service revolvers carried by
Victoria's police should be replaced with automatic pistols.
2008-264P 19May08  Journalist going for a leak.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about political leaks within the Liberal Party.
2008-262 19May08  Installing solar panels.
Changes to solar power rebates by the Australian Government threatens
to force many solar power installation companies out of business.
2008-260 16May08  Drug dealer's sales pitch.
Raising of the tax on alcopop drinks by the Government in an attempt to stop teenagers
drinking them.  This has the potential to make illegal drugs seem more affordable and palatable.
2008-254P 15May08 Heavy taxation.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the increased tax on alcopops
- sweet alcoholic drinks that are popular amongst younger people.
2008-252 15May08 Have to put the plasma TV on lay-by.
The Australian Government's Baby Bonus to be paid in instalments instead of a lump sum.
It's widely believed that many people were using the money to buy luxury goods such as
plasma TVs instead of on their babies.
2008-251 14May08  Department of spin.
Dig at the ubiquitous government spin doctors.
2008-250 13May08  Ordinary people discuss the Federal budget.
Ordinary person's view of the bringing down of the Australian Federal budget.
2008-249P 12May08  And 100% of pregnant looking men drink.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article that claimed
a high  percentage of pregnant women drink alcohol.
2008-247 12May08  Westpacman.
Proposed merger of Westpac and St. George banks.
2008-242 9May08  Inflation control parachute.
The Reserve Bank's use of  interest rate rises to reduce
inflation hitting many ordinary people quite hard.
2008-238 8May08  Olympic torch relay protests.
Human rights violations in China and the Olympic torch relay.
2008-236 7May08  Country baby bonus.
The Australian baby bonus and prolonged drought in south Eastern Australia.
2008-234P 7May08  Wayne Carey turning over a new leaf.
Footballer Wayne Carey up on another assault charge despite vowing to mend his ways.
2008-232 6May08  Pegging down inflation.
Inflation still rising despite efforts to reign it in.
2008-230P 5May08  K9s for Troy Buswell.
The leader of the opposition in Western Australia in trouble
over sniffing the chair of a female Liberal Party staffer.
2008-227 5May08  Treasure map today.
Water becoming increasingly valuable.
2008-226P 2May08 The right to divorce.
Campaign by Australian gays for the right to marry and
the high diverse rate amongst heterosexual couples.
2008-223 2May08  Above average rainfall.
Consistently below aver age rainfall
2008-219 1May08  The globe isn't warming.
Global warming and the cooling of the economy.
2008-218 30April08  The Statue of Liberty today.
Speculating that part of America's current economic woes
are a result of the massive economic drain of the Iraq war.

 April 2008 
2008-217 29April08  Passing the hat around for the water buyback scheme.
Record low flows in the Murray river and
the Government's water buyback scheme.
2008-212 28April08  Modern binge drinker.
A look at how long binge drinking has been a part of society.
2008-207 24April08  Safe investments today.
String of investment companies going broke but not before
directors had syphoned money off into their own accounts.
2008-209P 24April08  Terrible odds, not so terrible odds.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on ANZAC Day commemorations.
2008-198 21April08  Environmental campaigns.
Government dragging it's feet when tackling environmental problems.
2008-205 23April08  Protest free Olympic torch relay.
Beijing Olympic torch relay dogged by incessant protests.
2008-203P 22April08  Liberal party fortune telling.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the parlous state of the Australian Liberal Party.
2008-202 22April08  Support for a Republic.
Talk of a Republic in Australia and Prince Charles still waiting to become King.
2008-191 18April08 The Government getting ride of plastic bags.
The Australian Government's reluctance to take action to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags.
2008-197 21April08  The Dog on the Tuckerbox today.
Drought in Australia and the drift from the country to the city.
2008-190 18April08  The economy still growing rapidly.
The faltering economy and rising levels of obesity.
2008-189P 17April08  I'm very rich!
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Australians becoming richer.
2008-171 10April08  The 2020 Summits.
Using the 2020 Summit to highlight the economic
hardship being experienced by many families.
2008-186 16April08  Fill her up?!!
Biofuels made from food crops reducing food stocks available to third World countries.
2008-182 15April08  Market forces in the Third World.
Unrest in many Third World countries over rising food prices.
2008-177 14April08  Women shouldn't be in power.
Quentin Bryce appointed Australia's first female Governor-General.
2008-180P 14April08  Brendan Nelson's listening tour.
Opposition leader Brendan Nelson on a listening tour around Australia while
at a the same time there is talk within the Liberal Party of dumping him as leader.
2008-178P 14April08  Barry Hall at football training.
AFL player Barry Hall suspended for striking another player.
2008-176 14April08  Socially responsible poker machine.
The destructive power of poker machines on the social fabric.
2008-174 11April08  Pokies spot the difference cartoon.
The Victorian Government's breaking of the duopoly on poker
machine licences will not alleviate the plight of gambling addicts.
2008-172P 10Aug08  Rudd's blunt comments about Tibet.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on Kevin Rudd's
comments to the Chinese about human rights violations in Tibet.
2008-170 10April08  The Department to ensure we don't run out of water.
A dig at the management of water resources.
2008-169 9April08  A bull in a china shop.
Human rights protests targeting the Olympic torch relay damaging China's image.
2008-167P 8april08  Unhindered Olympic torch relay.
Protests over Chinese human rights violations hindering the progress of the Olympic torch relay.
2008-166 8April08  Rudd leaning towards a Republic.
Prime Minister Rudd's strengthening friendship with China and his
comments about Australia leaning towards becoming a republic.
2008-162 7April08  English rugby codes.
Repeated attempts by various protest groups to stop the Beijing Olympic Games' torch relay.
2008-161 7April08  Celebrity sportsman's podium.
Notorious celebrity sportsmen being rewarded for their misbehaviour with lucrative media deals.
2008-157 4April08  Mother nature.
Musing that Mother Nature might be harsh and unforgiving rather than nurturing.
2008-155 3April08  Mugabe stepping down.
Robert Mugabe's refusal to relinquish power.
2008-154 3April08  Davids and Goliath.
Geelong's football dominance.
2008-152 3April08  Reality TV today.
Global warming causing widespread drought.
2008-151 2April08  The real estate market that is cooling.
Falling Real estate markets and global warming.
2008-145 1April08  Successful loan applicant today.
Banks giving loans to high risk applicants.
2008-142 31March08  Beijing Olympic torch relay.
Human rights abuses in Tibet in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics games.

 March 2008 
2008-135 19March08 The Department for recording rainfall.
Prolonged drought in South Eastern Australia.
2008-137 20Mar08  Blood on their hands.
A comparison of civilian deaths in Tibet and Iraq.
2008-106 4Mar08  Reading about housing affordability.
Soaring cost of housing forcing people onto the streets.
2008-130 18Mar08 The impact of the Baby Bonus.
People spending the Baby Bonus on luxury items such as plasma TVs.
2008-126 17Mar08 Red China, red Tibet.
Recent bloodshed in Chinese controlled Tibet.
2008-125 17Mar08  A crash diet today.
Esoteric look at the obesity epidemic in affluent countries.
2008-121 13Mar08  Blind people.
The culture of binge drinking in sporting clubs.
2008-120 13Mar08  The tortoise and hare and fox race.
First home buyers being priced out of the housing market by investors.
2008-119 12Mar08  Earth hour.
The upcoming Earth Hour activity and the continuing drought conditions in Southern Australia.
2008-115 11Mar08  The rare spotted Cumulonimbus.
Rain clouds increasingly rare in Southern Australia.
2008-110 6Mar08  Battlers' rollercoaster.
Contrasting  share price fluctuations with the plight of battlers (poor people).
2008-113 7Mar08  2020 Summit vision.
Few females in key positions at the forthcoming  2020 Summit.
2008-111 6Mar08  The limit of tolerance in Australia.
Looking at religious tolerance through the age old Aussie practice of abusing  the umpire.
2008-109 5Mar08  Interest rates bowling balls.
Rising interest rates increasing the bankruptcy rate.
2008-102 4Mar08  Mr. Home Loan at the interest rate rises dentist.
Succession of interest rate rises causing a lot of pain for people with home loans.
2008-101 3Mar08  Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
Media frenzy resulting from  the discovery that Prince Harry was fighting in Afghanistan.
2008-098 1Mar08  Modern horror story.
Housing affordability plummeting to a point that most young people can't afford to buy a home.
2008-097 1Mar08  Cricket umpiring signals.
A look at the slanging match that has gone on between
the Australian and Indian cricket teams this Summer.

 February 2008 
2008-096P 28Feb08  Preparing for action in Iraq.
Went with article on Australian soldiers being sued by an Iraqi family for wounding them.
2008-093 28Feb08  Bursting bubbles.
Collapse of the ABC Learning Centres' share price.
2008-091 27Feb08 Inland waters fishing today.
The Federal Government's scheme to buyback water rights
from farmers  to bolster environmental water flows in rivers.
2008-088P 26Feb08  2020 Summit.
Complaints that only one of Co-Chairs of the 2020 Summit is female.
2008-086 26Feb08  Shock and awe in America.
Rising support for Barack Obama, who if elected president
will become the first coloured president of the United States.
2008-083 25Feb08  2038 Sorry Day.
Musing that in thirty years time today's generation will be saying sorry
to tomorrow's generation for the environmental degradation of the planet.
2008-080 22Feb08  Responding to global warming today.
Esoteric look at obesity and global warming.
2008-077P 21Feb08  Question time for Alexander Downer.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Alexander Downer having
lunch at a restaurant instead of attending parliamentary question time.
2008-074 21Feb08  Changes to Australian Workplace Agreements.
The scrapping of AWAs.
2008-073 20Feb08  The impact of another tax cut.
Concerns that the impending tax cut will push up the inflation rate.
2008-064 15Feb08  The part of the American economy that's still booming.
Spate of gun massacres in the US in the past few weeks.
2008-069P 18Feb08  As long as it's not Brian Burke.
Kevin Rudd distancing himself from any association with Brian Burke.
2008-068 18Feb08  Different levels of exposure.
Quirky look at exposure to the subprime mortgage market.
2008-063 15Feb08  The soaring eagle.
Interest rate rises negating any benefits from tax cuts.
2008-062P 14Feb08  Woman who hates Valentine's Day.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Valentine's Day.
2008-059P 14Feb08  Haven't got any rotten tomatoes have you?
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the Victorian teachers strike.
2008-057 14Feb08  Valentine's Day this year.
The Sorry Ceremony coinciding with Valentine's Day
2008-056P 13Feb08  John Howard gone walkabout.
Went with article on John Howard being the only ex Prime Minister not to
attend the Sorry Ceremony to apologise to the Australian Aboriginal community.
John Howard was opposed to saying sorry.  Walkabout is an aboriginal term.
2008-049 13Feb08  Saying sorry to blacks.
Using the Sorry Ceremony to the Australian Aboriginal
community to highlight the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq.
2008-053P 12Feb08  Happy to get laid off.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the
closure of the Mitsubishi car plant in Adelaide.
2008-052P 12Feb08  200 years late.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin
Rudd saying sorry to the aboriginal community.
2008-050 12Feb08  The hare and tortoise race that the hare won.
Rudd rushing to say sorry to the aboriginal community after years of Howard refusing say sorry.
2008-047P 11Feb08  Fragile protection.
Fighting in East Timor threatening it's democracy.
2008-045 11Feb08  Signs that it's been dry for a long time.
Prolonged drought in Southern Australia.
2008-043 8Feb08  You lot will have to tighten your belts.
Whenever there is an economic downturn it is the
people who can least afford it who suffer the most.
2008-042P 07Feb07  Kokoda trail mine.
Went with an article on protest by local villagers wanting
the opening of a copper mine next to the Kokoda trail.
2008-041 7Feb08  Separated not stolen.
Quirky look at the Liberal Party's use of the word  "Separated" instead of "Stolen"
when identifying those Aboriginals who were forcibly removed from their families.
2008-031 4Feb07  Clear mountain spring water.
Look at the marketing of  bottled spring water as fresh and
natural when it is in fact just another product made in a factory.
2008-036 5Feb08  Raising interest rates.
Governments' risk a voter backlash when interest rates are on the rise.
2008-034P 4Feb08 Drought bus coming.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Government's Drought
Bus that has been touring drought stricken parts of country Australia.
2008-032 4Feb08  Kevin and interest rate rises.
Rising interest rates making it much tougher for the new Rudd government.
2008-028 1Feb08  If David Hicks sells his story.
Speculation that David Hicks, the Australian who was incarcerated in
Guantanamo Bay prison is about to sell his story for a large amount of money.
2008-025P 31Jan08  French slow food.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Slow Food movement.
2008-022 30Jan08  Superannuation nest egg.
Stock market plunge wiping a lot of value of Super Funds.

 January 2008 
2008-021 30Jan08  The perfect media storm.
A lighter look at the media frenzy that's generated from
the shenanigans of Wayne Carey and Shane Warne.
2008-020P 29Jan08  Parents sending their kids back to school.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the high cost of sending children to school.
2008-017 29Jan08  The Indonesian military burying Soeharto.
A look at the culture of disregard for human rights that Soeharto cultivated.
2008-012 25Jan08  The annual economic cycle.
Quirky look at the economic cycle.
2008-013 25Jan08  Tidal fluctuations based on the Stock Market.
Esoteric look at the current Stock Market instability.
2008-008 24Jan08  Water restrictions.
Heavy flooding in Queensland in stark contrast to the drought conditions in much of Victoria.
2008-007 23Jan08  The Federal Reserve throwing off the gloves.
The US Federal Reserve's attempt to boost the
economy by lowing the interest rate by .75%.
2008-005 22Jan08 Why they need to dredge Port Phillip bay.
The Port Phillip Bay dredging controversy and Australia's high level of imports.
2008-004 22Jan08  Inflation and the economy.
The damaging effect of high inflation on the economy.
2008-002 21Jan08  Dangerous times for investors.
Subprime mortgage crisis and stock market plunge.