global economic

2008-733 23Dec08 Stranded economist.
Economists see everything from an economic perspective.
2008-724 17Dec08  Mr. Economic Universe.
Weak state of the global economy.
2008-676 25Nov08  Stock market deep sea roller coaster.
Stock market coming off a very low base.
2008-669 21Nov08  Stock market plunger coffee.
Esoteric look at the stock market plunge.
2008-660 18Nov98  Revised capitalism 101.
Unprecedented levels of government intervention in the private sector in an attempt to stave of
world economic  collapse is causing a complete rethink of the concept of free market capitalism.
2008-617 23Oct08  Keeping the recession monster at bay.
Worldwide recession threatening despite massive financial system bailout.
2008-599 15Oct08  Credit expressed as plants.
Credit going from very easy to very hard to get.
2008-592 13Oct08  Total meltdown.
Quirky look at the stock market meltdown and global warming.
2008-574 29Sept08  Economic bailout.
Look at the current economic bailout and what will be required
if we are to stop rising sea levels due to global warming.
2008-572 26Sept08  The "all you can" culture.
Society's tendency towards over eating and excessive borrowing.
2008-562 23Sept08  Stormy seas.
The convergence of the falling stock market and the rising price of oil.
2008-549 17Sept08  Bare bear market.
Quirky look at the extent of the loses in the current bear stock market.
2008-545 16Sept08  The credit crunch.
The impact of the credit crunch on small investors.
2008-535 11Sept08  "Backs to the wall" today.
String of major financial institutions in difficulty is rocking Wall Street.
2008-455 7Aug08  Economic lion tamer.
Difficulty in controlling inflation.
2008-441 1Aug08  Economic fortune teller.
Subprime mortgage market woes.
2008-435 30July08  Economy still going fast.
Esoteric look at the world economic slowdown.
2008-422 24July08 Easy to get a home loan.
Economic musings in light of so many people defaulting on home loans in recent times.
2008-420 23July08 Fuelling the inflation fire.
Rising inflation rate primarily fuelled by the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-383P 10July08  The disappearing cash in the wallet trick.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article on the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-372 7July08  Nouvelle cuisine.
Soaring world food prices.
2008-319 13June08  Modern vacuum cleaners.
High price of petrol a great strain on many people.
2008-309 6June08  Signs that the price of petrol is beginning to bite.
Rising price of petrol beginning to bight economically.
2008-232 6May08  Pegging down inflation.
Inflation still rising despite efforts to reign it in.
2008-207 24April08  Safe investments today.
String of investment companies going broke but not before
directors had syphoned money off into their own accounts.
2008-109 5Mar08  Interest rates bowling balls.
Rising interest rates increasing the bankruptcy rate.
2008-102 4Mar08  Mr. Home Loan at the interest rate rises dentist.
Succession of interest rate rises causing a lot of pain for people with home loans.
2008-098 1Mar08  Modern horror story.
Housing affordability plummeting to a point that most young people can't afford to buy a home.
2008-068 18Feb08  Different levels of exposure.
Quirky look at exposure to the subprime mortgage market.
2008-036 5Feb08  Raising interest rates.
Governments' risk a voter backlash when interest rates are on the rise.
2008-022 30Jan08  Superannuation nest egg.
Stock market plunge wiping a lot of value of Super Funds.
2008-012 25Jan08  The annual economic cycle.
Quirky look at the economic cycle.
2008-013 25Jan08  Tidal fluctuations based on the Stock Market.
Esoteric look at the current Stock Market instability.
2008-004 22Jan08  Inflation and the economy.
The damaging effect of high inflation on the economy.
2008-002 21Jan08  Dangerous times for investors.
Subprime mortgage crisis and stock market plunge.