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2008-725 18Dec08  Improving your body image.
A cultural look at obesity.
2008-670 24Nov08  Communism Capitalism, pragmatism.
Postulating that the only lasting "ism" is pragmatism.
2008-663P 18Nov08  Male violence.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on White Ribbon Day - The
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
2008-644P 10Nov08  Belt up or belt down.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the dangers of not wearing seatbelts.
2008-628P 27Oct08  Women in the boardroom.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the lack of
women executives n the boardrooms of businesses.
2008-621 24Oct08  Why the Titanic really sank.
Cynical look at society's tendency to form committees to
deal with major problems instead of taking decisive action.
2008-587 3Oct08  RIP George Orwell?
Musing that the today's  widespread use surveillance
cameras might not be to George Orwell's liking.
2008-584 2Oct08  Paid maternity leave. 
A look at paid maternity leave and the pressure of raising a large family.
2008-538P 11Septo8  Grim Reaper cigarettes.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the number of deaths caused by smoking.
2008-529 8Sept08  That's horrific!
What humans describe as "horrific" depends on conditioning.
2008-525 5Sept08  Children and work juggling.
Illustrative cartoon that went with article on childcare and the pressures of modern living.
2008-522 3Sept08  Economic environmental beauty pageant.
The ugly environmental and economic options that the world faces.
2008-485 21Aug08  Going for Olympic gold.
Huge financial rewards from sponsorship
deals for competitors who win gold medals.
2008-469 14Aug08  America and Russia finally agree.
Both Russia and America's willingness to use military
force but quick to condemn others using military force.
2008-454 7Aug08  Man does not live by bread alone.
High cost of groceries.
2008-411 18July08  CCTV Big Brother is watching you.
Lighter comment on the widespread rollout of CCTV.
2008-352 27June08  Different views of the world.
The economy is not everything.
2008-351 27June08  Sports star mirror.
The rosy image that many sports stars have of themselves.
2008-347 25June08  Future vehicle transport.
Rising price of petrol causing economic hardship for
most and massive profits for oil producing countries.
2008-328 18June08  Charting Peak Oil.
Musing on the practical impact of Peak Oil on motorists.
2008-317 12June08  The piercing look.
Body piercing by teenagers and the generation gap.
2008-297 2June08  The lost tribe's first contact with civilization.
Alleged discovery of a lost tribe in the Amazon and censorship of art.
2008-293 30May08  When art was strictly censored.
A look at art and censorship in general.
2008-272V 22May08  The Scales of Justice today.
Greed creating a very unjust world.
2008-251 14May08  Department of spin.
Dig at the ubiquitous government spin doctors.
2008-212 28April08  Modern binge drinker.
A look at how long binge drinking has been a part of society.
2008-205 23April08  Protest free Olympic torch relay.
Beijing Olympic torch relay dogged by incessant protests.
2008-190 18April08  The economy still growing rapidly.
The faltering economy and rising levels of obesity.
2008-186 16April08  Fill her up?!!
Biofuels made from food crops reducing food stocks available to third World countries.
2008-182 15April08  Market forces in the Third World.
Unrest in many Third World countries over rising food prices.
2008-176 14April08  Socially responsible poker machine.
The destructive power of poker machines on the social fabric.
2008-161 7April08  Celebrity sportsman's podium.
Notorious celebrity sportsmen being rewarded for their misbehaviour with lucrative media deals.
2008-145 1April08  Successful loan applicant today.
Banks giving loans to high risk applicants.
2008-106 4Mar08  Reading about housing affordability.
Soaring cost of housing forcing people onto the streets.
2008-125 17Mar08  A crash diet today.
Esoteric look at the obesity epidemic in affluent countries.
2008-120 13Mar08  The tortoise and hare and fox race.
First home buyers being priced out of the housing market by investors.
2008-080 22Feb08  Responding to global warming today.
Esoteric look at obesity and global warming.
2008-062P 14Feb08  Woman who hates Valentine's Day.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Valentine's Day.
2008-043 8Feb08  You lot will have to tighten your belts.
Whenever there is an economic downturn it is the
people who can least afford it who suffer the most.
2008-031 4Feb07  Clear mountain spring water.
Look at the marketing of  bottled spring water as fresh and
natural when it is in fact just another product made in a factory.
2008-025P 31Jan08  French slow food.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Slow Food movement.