Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Friday 9th December 

2016-671P  9Dec16 Answering robocalls
For article on robocalls.

2016-670P  9Dec16
On corporations
that pay no tax

For article on the high number of major corporations that paid no tax in the last financial year.

2016-669P  9Dec16 RIP
Green Army.

For article on the disbandment of Abbott's Green Army scheme.

2016-668  8Dec16 At risk of not hitting your carbon emissions target.
For article on the Finkel report warning that the government is at risk of not meeting its carbon emissions reduction target.

2016-665P  6Dec16
One Nation.

For article on dissident One Nation MP Rod Culleton.

2016-658P  Labor wants rich white kids to pay less tax.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull's attack on Labor's attempts to reduce the backpacker tax.

2016-657P  Concerns about Direction Action.
For article on the Government's Direct Action carbon emissions reduction program's funding is about to run out.

2016-656  The tax burden.
Revision of an earlier pocket cartoon but without the specific Backpacker tax rate displayed.

2016-652P  Australian tax burdens.
For article on the passing of the 15% Backpacker tax.  Links with the negative gearing tax debate.

2016-650P  Japanese downhill skiing.
For article on furore over Japanese ice skating ring with dead fish frozen it its ice base.

2016-649P  customer information signs.
For article about the cashless society that is approaching.

2016-644P 24Nov16  Banking sector animal farm
For article recommending that Bank executives be fired for regulatory breaches.

2016-643 24Nov16  The impact of sugary drinks.
The high cost of the excessive consumption of sugary drinks.

2016-637P 21Nov16  Common view of the ABC
For article on yet another strident criticism of the ABC by a well known political figure.

2016-636  Reading a patient's vital signs.
Health care driven by funding and profit motives at the expense of actually providing health care.

2016-634P  The Australian Government is ranked pretty low on CO2 emissions.
For article on Australia
being ranked fifth-worst for emissions and policies among developed countries.


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