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2014-213 17April14
Modern version of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Rampant consumerism that has enveloped Easter.

2014-211 17April14
The tip of the NSW corruption iceberg.

Premier Barry O'Farrell's wine bottle gift corruption scandal tiny when compared to the endemic scale of corruption within NSW politics.

2014-210  16April14
I'd remember a $3,000 bottle of wine.

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's resignation after not declaring a gift of a $3,000 bottle of wine, a gift he claimed he had not recollection of.

2014-201 14April14
The retirement Stall Gift.

Plans to raise the retirement age again.

2014-198 9April14
Improving society today.

Society's obsession to technical progress while at the same time ignoring much larger social problems.

2014-187 4April14
The AFLs new entrance turnstiles.

The AFL's new variable ticket pricing structure has dramatically pushed up the cost of seeing
and Australian Rules football match for most fans.

2014-157 24Mar14
Rainfall in Australia today.

 Extensive drought across Eastern Australia.

2014-186 4April14
Defending freedom of speech today.

Attempts in Australia to curb freedom of free speech of protest groups protesting against businesses.

2014-182 2April14
The Australian jobs that are going offshore.

Social comment on Philip Morris' announcement that part of its manufacturing operation will be moved offshore.

2014-173 30Mar14
Slow food movement, slow train movement.

High number of VLine train delays.  VLine runs the Victorian regional rail network in Australia.

2014-169 28Mar14
Harvesting the election promise carrot.

So many election promises are either unfulfilled or watered down.

2014-164 27Mar14
Tony Abbott's new sunhat.

Abbott's reinstitution of knighthood honours.

2014-162  26Mar14
The latest definition of freedom speech
Planned changes to Australia's defamation laws set to advantage the already powerful in the media.

2014-160  25Mar14
James Hird, Tanya heard, Andrew Demetriou herd.

Following damaging comments by James Herd's wife Tania AFL boss Andrew Demetriou has apparently stepped up his campaign to oust Hird as coach of Essendon.

2014-156 24Mar14
Launch of the Disability Insurance Scheme.

Problems with the new Disability insurance scheme due to poor inadequate preparation.

2014-154 20Mar14
Where Russia stands on the democratic process.

Russia's stymieing of the Ukrainian democratic process.

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