Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Friday 11th August 

2017-436P  Cry Havoc let slip the dogs of postal vote war.
For article on the expected divisive and dirty campaigns in the lead up to the postal vote on marriage equality.

2017-435  Energy policy uncertainty.
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on excessive profits in the energy industry.

2017-430P  Why do this?
Looks at plans for a contentious postal vote on marriage equality rather than a simply parliamentary vote.

2017-428P  Not like 1984.
On public servants being warned against liking anti-government social media posts.

2017-425P  Trump-Turnbull refugee swap conversation.
Surmising  on Trump’s conversation with Malcolm Turnbull over the planned refugee swap deal.

2017-421P  The Coalitions bipartisan energy policy explained.
On the Coalition's call for a bipartisan energy policy.
2017-417P  Very uncomfortable.
On Premier Gladys Berejiklian comment on being uncomfortable with homeless people living in the centre of Sydney

2017-413P  Policy uncertainty in the energy industry.
For article on policy uncertainty in the energy industry leading to higher energy prices.

2017-411P  We prefer the bluff it rule.
Attempts the halfhearted attempts by the major political parties to stem rising inequality.

2017-407P  The greenies are not running the show.
On Barnaby Joyce’s comment about water use; “greenies were not running the show”

2017-406  Euthanasia today.
On the ruinous fees many nursing and retirement homes are charging.

2017-404P  The current definition of a healthy environmental flow.
For article on environmental flow allocation for the Murray Darling basin.

2017-402P  Environmental flow bucket.
For article about the diversion of environmental flow allocated water for irrigation.

2017-399P  The Coalition's understanding of 'rich and poor'.
For article about comments that the gap between the rich and the poor had reduced.

2017-398P  The Government's  preferred marine park size
For article on the Federal Government’s plans to cut the size of Australia’s marine parks.

2017-394P  Living within their means
For article on a pending rates rise and the stress it will place on home buyers.

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