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2014-415 29July14
The jobs pool - the work for the dole requirements.

The draconian and unrealistic new work for the dole regulations at odd with the available work opportunities.

2014-404 23July14
The young Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin has been less than honest about his dealings with both the Ukraine and the rest of the world.

2014-402 22July14
The Russian bear trap.

The shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists has Russia in somewhat of a diplomatic trap.

2014-399 21July14
Repealing the carbon tax.

Not tackling the threat of global warming head on may have dire consequences in the future.

2014-396  18July14
The fallout from the shooting down of flight MH17.

The shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists has irrevocably damaged their cause.

2014-393  17July14
Repeal of the carbon tax.

Effectively tackling global warming will prove a much tougher task than getting rid of the carbon tax.

2014-392 17July14
My legs of lamb worth more than that.

A whimsical look at the debate over the increased cost of a leg of lamb due to the carbon tax.

2014-387 15July14
Financial planning advice today applied to the three little pigs.

Poor practices in the financial planning industry favours the financial planners at the expense of their clients.

2014-379 11July14
The passing legislation race.

Passing legislation in the Senate a much more complicated process.

2014-378 11July14
The young angry elephant in the corner.

General unemployment  figures masking the much higher youth unemployment figures.

2014-376 10July14
Bringing in and getting rid of the carbon tax.

Getting rid of the carbon tax may prove just as damaging to Abbott's career as introducing the carbon tax was for Gillard's career.

2014-369 8July14
Waist paper service.

A look at the obesity epidemic through the subject of municipal waste services.

2014-365 7July14
Asylum seekers disappearing magic trick.

The Australian Federal government's very secretive approach to processing asylum seekers may have result in dangerous outcomes for the refugees it processes.

2014-361 4July15
The refugee's dilemma.

Australia's tough tactics for dissuading Asylum seekers from coming to Australia.

2014-360 3July15
Commonwealth Bank elephant in the corner.

Commonwealth Bank customers' large financial loses due to financial planning mismanagement by the bank.

2014-356 2July14
Tony Abbott's budgie smugglers.

Tony Abbott being out manoeuvred by Clive Palmer in the hurly burly of Senate politics.

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