Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Tuesday 26th July 

2016-456P  25July16
Vulnerable young people not dependent on welfare.

For article Coalition plans to use data analysis to prevent and stop welfare dependency. 

2016-454P 25July16
This year's Spring racing carnival?

Went with article on very wet conditions threatening a regional jumps racing carnival.

2016-451P  22July16
Not so crazy.

For article on plans to allow counter terrorism agencies greater access to mental health records of Australian citizens.     

2016-447 21July16
 Man on the land today
Large tracts of prime agricultural land in Australia being lost to mining and urban sprawl.

2016-439 19July16
  The arms race in the US.

Massive gun sales in the US fuelling the out of control gun violence.

2016-436P  18July16
We are holding fast to our non-core promise to reform superannuation.

For article on the government backsliding on its election promise to reform superannuation.

2016-435P 18July16
Shopping strip in the future.

For article on online shopping having a negative impact on traditional shopping strips.
2016-429P 14July16  The ascent of meat eating man.
One of the main problems with the modern diet is that it is too easy to eat excessive amounts of meat.

2016-426P  13July16
The lessons learnt from history.

For article on China flexing its muscles in the South China Sea.

2016-425P  12July16
The only winners would be Apple, Google and Facebook.

For article pointing out the shortfalls of electronic voting.

2016-415  11July16
Police line-ups in the US.

 A look at the disproportionately high numbers of blacks shot by police in the US.

2016-421P  11June16
A zombie apocalypse would go unnoticed.

For article on the Pokémon Go mobile phone game that has taken off.

2016-416  8July16
Blood sports in Australia.

My take on the 48,000 greyhounds that have been killed in NSW in the last 12 years for not being fast enough.

2016-404P 7July16
There were no lies, just non-core promise.

For article on Howard defending his decision to go to war in Iraq.

2016-402P 5July16
Warning conservatives not to undermine Malcolm Turnbull.

For article on Liberal moderates hitting back at a coordinated push by the conservative wing  of the Liberals to undermine the authority of Malcolm Turnbull.

2016-401P 5July16
 The cutting edge of ABC journalism today
For article on the axing of the ABC's opinion website, the Drum.


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