Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Friday 29th August 2014  The cartoons on this website are a mix of EDITORIAL and POCKET cartoons.  This page only lists editorial cartoons, to view pocket cartoons see the POCKET CARTOONS PAGE.

2014-444 28Aug14
The search for intelligent life in outer space.

Lamentation on the stupidity of human kind.

2014-442  27Aug14
Plenty of jobs for young people in the Middle East.

The only work readily available for young Muslim men in the middle East is fighting for the various militant groups.

2014-436  21Aug14
Islamic state by-laws.

The brutal treatment dished out by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) does not bode well for its citizens if such a state was ever created.

2014-435 20Aug14
The Mexican and Zimbabwean waves.

Australian cricket tour of Zimbabwe despite that country's terrible human rights record.

2014-429 19Aug14
The ice epidemics.

Meth amphetamine and obesity epidemics currently sweeping Australia.

2014-426 18Aug14
Renewable energy targets.

The Abbott government considering scraping its renewable energy target.

2014-420 31July14
Religion in schools in the Middle East.

Combines two stories; a debate in Australia over religion in schools and religious based fighting in the Middle East including a recent attack on a school in Gaza.

2014-419 30July14
Future pre-flight safety demonstration.

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 will result in big security changes in the airline industry.

2014-415 29July14
The jobs pool - the work for the dole requirements.

The draconian and unrealistic new work for the dole regulations at odd with the available work opportunities.

2014-404 23July14
The young Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin has been less than honest about his dealings with both the Ukraine and the rest of the world.

2014-402 22July14
The Russian bear trap.

The shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists has Russia in somewhat of a diplomatic trap.

2014-399 21July14
Repealing the carbon tax.

Not tackling the threat of global warming head on may have dire consequences in the future.

2014-396  18July14
The fallout from the shooting down of flight MH17.

The shooting down of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists has irrevocably damaged their cause.

2014-393  17July14
Repeal of the carbon tax.

Effectively tackling global warming will prove a much tougher task than getting rid of the carbon tax.

2014-392 17July14
My legs of lamb worth more than that.

A whimsical look at the debate over the increased cost of a leg of lamb due to the carbon tax.

2014-387 15July14
Financial planning advice today applied to the three little pigs.

Poor practices in the financial planning industry favours the financial planners at the expense of their clients.

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