Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Tuesday 17th January 

2017-034P  Pensioner's walking stick.
For article on the
on the use of the robo-debt recovery system on aged pensioners.

2017-026P 16Jan17  The government's overriding environmental priority.
Far article about the federal Government's spirited utterances about saving the whales which is in stark contrast to their lacklustre attempts to save the Great Barrier Reef.

2017-022P  Assess whether the debt recovery system has flaws.
For article on attempts by the government to downplay flaws in the welfare debt recovery system.

2017-020P  12Jan17 Basic universal income verses privileged tax deductibility.
For article discussing the possibility of a basic universal income to tackle poverty and unemployment.

2017-015P  How long do I need to keep my payslips?
For article on Centrelink misinformation on how long people on welfare need to keep their payslips for casual work they have done.

2017-011P  Adjusting the automated debt recovery program.
For article on the strong reaction to the government's automated debt recovery program.

2017-012P  Reviewing Sussan Ley's expenses claims.
For article on government minister Sussan Ley claiming travel expenses for an alleged trip to the Gold Coast to buy an apartment in a multistorey apartment block.

2017-010  Welfare debt clawback.
Drawn in response to the Australian Government's welfare debt clawback program.

2017-008P  Modern forceps delivery.
For article on the AMA claiming women are being discharged from hospital too soon after giving birth.

2017-006P  Centrelink debt - ball and chain.
Went with article on the debt many welfare recipients have been saddled with due to changes in Centrelink management policy.

2017-007  Extreme sports today
A look at the extreme weather events of 2016.

2017-003P  Putting a positive spin on it.
For article on recent cuts to pensions.

2016-689P  Today's economic thinking applied to agriculture.
For article on the Australian Government's poor response to the challenges of global warming.

2016-690P  Going straight through the pool room.
For article on the possible destruction of the house used in an iconic Australian movie the Castle.

2016-685P  Putting a positive spin on it.
For article on the scrapping of the Nanny scheme which was a key Liberal party initiative.

2016-684P  Common political donation declaration.
For article on political donation declarations.


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