Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Friday 31st October 2014  The cartoons on this website are a mix of EDITORIAL and POCKET cartoons.  This page only lists editorial cartoons, to view pocket cartoons see the POCKET CARTOONS PAGE.

2014-577 30Oct14
The election policies lectern.

The habit of politicians to announce sweeping policies during an election campaign only to abandon many of them once they are in office.

2014-575 29Oct14
Ebola protection suits.

The Australian Government's refusal to send medical personnel to Africa to deal with the Ebola outbreak.

2014-551 17Oct14
Coles wholesale prices are down campaign.

The aggressive pressure Coles buyers put on their suppliers to get the lowest price.

2014-569 27thOct14
Expenses cards in the future.

Refers to plans by the Australian government to issue unemployed people with welfare payment cards that control what they can buy.

2014-561  23Oct14
Australia sending supplies to fight Ebola.

The Government much more committed to military action in Iraq providing medical aid to quell the Ebola epidemic.

2014-560 22Oct14
The perfect ethical dilemma storm.

A look at two controversial subjects in many Western countries, the wearing of the burqa and same sex marriage.

2014-557 21Oct14
Buried with one of his children that preceded him.

The death of Gough Whitlam along with one of his great achievements, free tertiary education.

2014-554 20Oct14
The problem with containing Ebola.

Pointing out the difficulties in trying to contain the spread of Ebola

2014-548 16Oct14
Market forces applied to the Ebola epidemic.

Somewhat cynical look at the implications of the Ebola outbreak.

2014-547 15Oct14
Lay your life on
the bottom line
The Government offering an effective pay cut to Australian Defence Force personnel.

2014-546 15Oct14
Abbott shirtfronting Putin problem.
Abbott playing the tough guy to the master of the tough guy stance, Vladimir Putin.

2014-539 13Oct14
Ebola risk and Iraq war.
Abbott's refusal to send personnel to help with the Ebola epidemic on the grounds that it is too risky seems at odds with his willingness to send troops to Iraq.

2014-538  10Oct14
Muslim woman respecting Australian cultural norms.

Quirky look at the current burqa debate in Australia.

2014-530 7Oct14
Australia's military commitment in Iraq collateral damage.

The cost of the commitment to the war in Iraq having a negative impact on treasurer Joe Hockey's budget.

2014-528 6Oct14
The mental health path.

The link between unemployment and poor mental health.

2014-513 30Sept14
Apple tax payment logo.

Apple using there status as a global business to pay much less corporate tax than most other companies.

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