Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Friday 5th February 2015  
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2016-062 4Feb16
Watching wildlife in Australia.

Environmental degradation due to Urbanisation making Australians disconnected with the wonders of Australia's wildlife.        

2016-059 3Feb16
Little brothers and sisters are recording you.

Mobile phone cameras posing a serious threat to the right to privacy.

2016-051 29Jan16
The first race of the Brazilian Olympics.

As well as causing panic across the Americas the Zika virus threatens to seriously disrupt the Olympics in Brazil if it is not contained quickly.

2016-048 28Jan16
Where does it hurt?

Hospital funding shortfall gradually crippling the hospital system.

2016-043 27Jan16
The match fixing winners podium.

Max fixing in the form of throwing games for money a serious problem in a number of sports.

2016-041 25Jan16
Australia Day barbecue firelighters.

Resurgent and sometimes heated debate on whether Australia should become a republic or maintain its ties with the British monarchy.

2016-036 22Jan16
The global warming level playing field.

Global warming will impact on the wealthy as well as the not so well off, the rich and poor countries.

2016-024 20Jan16
The good news is we've got mobile coverage.

While mobile phone coverage is an important safety tool in a bushfire prone area relying on it without taking other precautions is unwise.

2016-019 18Jan16
The nail gun fight at the OK business corral.

Woolworths selling its Masters hardware chain after failing to make inroads into the retail hardware market dominated by Bunnings.

2016-020 18Jan16
Tennis racquet bags.

allegations of max fixing of elite tennis matches.

2016-008 13Jan16
Multicultural rural Australia.

Multiculturalism used to highlight the extreme hot and dry conditions afflicting much of Australia.

2016-007 12Jan16
Essendon players doping scandal verdict.

The World Anti-doping Authority's punitive punishment of football players caught up in the Essendon doping scandal.

2016-004 11Jan16
The modern revenant, stock market finance.

Using the recent hint movie the Revenant, which centres around the mauling of a hunter by a bear, as a metaphor for the current stock market woes.

2015-693  16Dec17
Baby boomers, baby boomeranger
Drawn in response to statistics showing that a significant number of young adults are returning to live in their family home.

2015-692 16Dec15
Our modern society
Drawn in response to increasing number of racist motivated attacks on the streets.

2015-691 15Dec15
The Government department for getting things done.

Drawn in response to inaction by my local council over some major developments but could be relevant to any number of bureaucratic organisations.

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