Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Friday 19th September 2014  The cartoons on this website are a mix of EDITORIAL and POCKET cartoons.  This page only lists editorial cartoons, to view pocket cartoons see the POCKET CARTOONS PAGE.

2014-489  18Sept14
Captain snooze terrorist threat.

Fear of terrorism in Australia out of all proportion to the actual threat.

2014-486 17Sept14
NBN rollout fairytale
Major delays in the rollout of the Australian National Broadband Network.

2014-481 15Sept14
Threats to national security.

A somewhat lighter look at threats to national security.

2014-480 12Sept14
Rome, Paris, London. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.

The attrition suffered by coalition forces when they are seemingly routinely rotated into Middle East hotspots. 

2014-477 12Sept14
Support for working women today.

Drawn in response to the Government's plan to introduce a paid maternity leave scheme that will see largely middleclass women on higher incomes getting a higher maternity leave salary than working class women.

2014-473 10Sept14
In a sweat over terrorism.

The Australian government's vigorous campaign to highlight the threat of terrorism, which a cynic like myself might see as largely a way to divert attention from the government's poor performance on the domestic front.

2014-469 9Sept14
Different views of the threat of violence.

Using fear of violent action in the Middle East to look at violence much closer to home, that of domestic violence.

2014-460 5Sept14
The mining industry today.

The scrapping of the mining tax tied to the cancelling of the planned increase in compulsory superannuation contributions.

2014-458 3Sept14
Unemployed and employed youth.

Rising unemployment
amongst young people offering few opportunities in some youth socio economic groups to make a living except through illegal means.

2014-450 2Sept14
The military intervention road to peace in the Middle East.

The failure of military intervention to achieve  a lasting peace in the Middle East

2014-447 29Aug14
Gun safety in America.

Drawn in response to the tragic shooting of an instructor while he was showing a child how to fire a Uzi machinegun.

2014-444 28Aug14
The search for intelligent life in outer space.

Lamentation on the stupidity of human kind.

2014-442  27Aug14
Plenty of jobs for young people in the Middle East.

The only work readily available for young Muslim men in the middle East is fighting for the various militant groups.

2014-436  21Aug14
Islamic state by-laws.

The brutal treatment dished out by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) does not bode well for its citizens if such a state was ever created.

2014-435 20Aug14
The Mexican and Zimbabwean waves.

Australian cricket tour of Zimbabwe despite that country's terrible human rights record.

2014-429 19Aug14
The ice epidemics.

Meth amphetamine and obesity epidemics currently sweeping Australia.

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