Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Tuesday 23rd December 2014    The cartoons on this website are a mix of EDITORIAL and POCKET cartoons.  This page only lists editorial cartoons, to view pocket cartoons see the POCKET CARTOONS PAGE.

2014-682  22Dec14
Santa hires a cheap Asian buffalo.

Santa as a metaphor for jobs going offshore to countries that have cheaper labour.

2014-678 19Dec14
Youth support services in the future.

Looking at the lack of support for young people in Australia.

2014-677 19Dec14
One hundred percent effective gun control.

Gun laws, no matter how tight, will never be 100% effective at stopping crazy people using guns to kill people.  They will however reduce the number of crazy people getting hold of guns.

2014-672  17Dec14
Why do you continue to wear provocative clothes.

Looking at the Muslim headscarf debate and the subjectiveness of the word provocative.

2014-660 11Dec14
The toe in the door?

Speculating that the $5 GP co-payment could be the first step towards dismantling our universal healthcare service.

2014-659 11Dec14
Proof that torture is effective
US Senate report on the CIA's torture program has rekindled the debate on the effectiveness of torture as a means extracting information.

2014-658     10Dec14
Abbott finally removes all the barnacles.

On Tony Abbott's comment that he is prepared to "knock some barnacles off the ship" in the form of unpopular policies. Arguably just about every policy he has attempted to put in place has been unpopular.

2014-656 9Dec14
Guess which sign upsets us the most.

Drawn in response to a story about outrage over graffiti vandalism amidst a backdrop of increasing unemployment, especially amongst the young.

2014-652 9Dec14
Banking sector animal farm.

Plans to increase regulation of the Australian banking sector.

2014-641 27Nov14
The Australian crawl
Increasing traffic problems due to population growth and urbanisation impacting on Australia's way of life.

2014-639  26Nov14
The government's new ABC logo.

ABC funding cutbacks resulting in the loss of 400 jobs.

2014-634 25Nov14
Political systems expressed as a length of rope.

Comparing the frustrating constraints of democracy and the start brutality that a dictatorship offers.

2014-633 25Nov14
The promise that politians will always keep.

Drawn in response to a series of broken promises made by the current Federal government but is probably relevant to contemporary politics in general.

2014-628 20Nov14
Mobile phone very black spot
Mobile phone black spots in country areas means that many people in the country are unable to receive the bushfire warning text messages in the event of a bushfire in their area.

2014-627 19Nov14
Election funding announcements.

The Australian Government's announcement of a 4.6% cut to the ABC's funding will drastically curtail its services to the public.

2014-619 17Nov14
Team Australia, team world.

Abbott's direct action program to tackle global warming at odds with polices being enacted by much of the rest of the world.

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