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2014-628 20Nov14
Mobile phone very black spot
Mobile phone black spots in country areas means that many people in the country are unable to receive the bushfire warning text messages in the event of a bushfire in their area.

2014-627 19Nov14
Election funding announcements.

The Australian Government's announcement of a 4.6% cut to the ABC's funding will drastically curtail its services to the public.

2014-619 17Nov14
Team Australia, team world.

Abbott's direct action program to tackle global warming at odds with polices being enacted by much of the rest of the world.

2014-610 12Nov14
Warning the ANZ customers about Timbercorp.

The ANZ bank's failure to warn it's customers about the risks of investing in Timbercorp which saw some ANZ customers lose their life savings.

2014-611 13Nov14
Moving towards tackling climate change.

The agreement between China and America over carbon emission targets highlights the Abbott Government's reluctance to seriously tackle climate change.

2014-609  12Nov14
Halal certified dairy cow.

Drawn in response to the irrational attack by anti Halal food lobbyists on the Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company for its Halal dairy product range.

2014-602 10Nov14
Housing market forces expressed as boats.

First home buyers being squeezed out of the property market due to the advantages rental property investors have over first home buyers such as negative gearing and low capital gains tax.

2014-597 7Nov14
Clive Palmer's pups.

Maverick Palmer United Party Politian Jacqui Lambie creating problems for Clive Palmer.

2014-592 6Nov14
IKEA flat packs.

IKEA's Australian operation paid almost no tax while turning over billions of dollars in sales.

2014-591 5Nov14
Guess which animals are better treated.

Drawn in response to accusations that the horse racing industry is cruel.  Compared to the live cattle trade racehorses are very pampered animals.

2014-584 3Nov14
The window of opportunity to stop damaging climate change.

The government's Direct Action program to tackle global warming falls a long way short of what is required to tackle global warming.

2014-577 30Oct14
The election policies lectern.

The habit of politicians to announce sweeping policies during an election campaign only to abandon many of them once they are in office.

2014-575 29Oct14
Ebola protection suits.

The Australian Government's refusal to send medical personnel to Africa to deal with the Ebola outbreak.

2014-551 17Oct14
Coles wholesale prices are down campaign.

The aggressive pressure Coles buyers put on their suppliers to get the lowest price.

2014-569 27thOct14
Expenses cards in the future.

Refers to plans by the Australian government to issue unemployed people with welfare payment cards that control what they can buy.

2014-561  23Oct14
Australia sending supplies to fight Ebola.

The Government much more committed to military action in Iraq providing medical aid to quell the Ebola epidemic.

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