Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Saturday 30th April 

2016-210P 29April16
The Guinness book of record global temperatures records.

Global temperature records being repeatedly broken.

2016-201 27April16
Climate sceptics science.

Dubious science used by global warming sceptics.

2016-206 28April16
I rent and I vote, I invest I give political donations.

On the influence political donations have on party policy.

2016-205P 28th April
Sixty minutes, sixty months.

On ‘child recovery specialist’ Adam Whittington being abandoned by sixty Minutes in a Lebanese jail.

2016-200P 27April16
Will work for organic food.

Went with article on environmentalism and inequality.

2016-199P 27April16
Negative gearing explained.

For article on negative gearing which gives an unfair advantage to investors over first home buyers.

2016-197 26April16
El Nino applying for permanent residency.

The El Nino phenomenon that causes dryer conditions seems to have become more prevalent in  Australia.

2016-196P 25April16
The housing market scales of justice.

For article on the social and economic impacts of negative gearing.

2016-188P 21April16
Pokies play area

For article on extra pokies licences granted to a pokies venue because they put in a children's play centre.
2016-187P 20April16
Improved banking watchdog.

For article on Fed. Govt. boosting funding to ASIC to try and crack down on banking industry misconduct.

2016-186 19April16
The climate debate twenty years on…

For article on Ricky Muir's support for the Adler lever action shotgun.

2016-180P 18April16
Voting in the US.

Pocket cartoon for article on the massive campaign contributions that fuel the US election.

2016-179P 18April16
Country risk signs.

Pocket cartoon that went with article on high road toll in the country.

2016-173 13April16
Not respecting Australian flags
Looks at calls to restrict the use of the Australian Eureka in response to its use by extremist groups.

2016-170P 12April16
In favour of a Royal Commission.

The real winners of Royal Commissions have been the legal profession.

2016-169 11April16
The wealthy taking action on climate change.

The wealthy looking after their own interests at the expense of the greater good.

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