Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Thursday 5th March 2015  

2015-132 2March15
Abbott comes out of it unscathed.

Tony Abbott's position as Prime Minister serious damaged by the leadership crisis.

2015-133 3March15
This young koala has a mental health problem.

Using the impact of environmental degradation on koalas as a metaphor for underlying causes of rising mental illness amongst young Australians.

2015-128 27Feb15
Building blocks for kids with parents who abuse alcohol.

The negative of alcohol abuse on children of parents who drink heavily.

2015-129 2March15
The climate change that's affecting Abbott.

Tony Abbott's fading political fortunes.

2015-125  26Feb15
Australian troop deployment to Iraq rollercoaster.

The rollercoaster ride of escalating and de-escalating Australian troop deployments to Iraq.

2015-120 24Feb15
What we need is higher population growth.

The notion put forward by many economists that population increase is good as it stimulates the economy ignores the negative environmental impact.

2014-671 23Feb15
The trouble with living beyond your means.

Over consumption spending a serious risk to our society in the long term.

2015-110  18Feb15
Protecting children in Australia and on Christmas Island.

The concern for Australian children show when spruiking the proposed metadata laws contrasts sharply with the indifference to the welfare of children living in detention centres.

2015-109 18Feb15
Redefining the definition of healthy food.

Imported frozen berries contaminated with hepatitis A resulting in a fairly major health scare in Australia.

2015-106  17Feb15
Live baiting that would be acceptable.

Lighter look at the live baiting scandal involving the Australian greyhound racing industry.

2015-095 16Feb15
Making a robot workforce to improve productivity.

The endless quest for increased productivity having negative social consequences.

2015-100  14Feb15
The jump in unemployment.

Drawn in response to a sharp jump in the unemployment figure.

2015-094 11Feb15
The Civic Hall consultation process scales of justice.

Efforts to close the health, education and life expectancy gap between aboriginals and the rest of Australia have had only limited success.

2015-087  9Feb15
The Abbott leadership verdict.

tony Abbott surviving a potential leadership spill while at the same time public support for the Abbott government is at an all time low.

2015-080 5Feb15
Interest rates cut tree.

Interest rate cuts eating into superannuation retirees' savings.

2015-074  3Feb15
The paths available to young people today.

The limited opportunities for young people to get ahead in the world leading to major social problems.

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