Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Friday 1st July 

2016-387P  30June16
The ALP electoral chances map of Australia?
For article on the dispute between the CFA and the Victorian state Labor government jeopardising Labor's chances in the upcoming Federal election.

2016-386P  30June16
A big slice of the company tax cut cake.

For article on research that 40% of the LNP's proposed company tax cut money would end up offshore.

2016-384  29June16
Punch and Judy shows
The crackdown on welfare sales pitch that seems to become a part and parcel of modern election campaigns.

2016-383  28June16
The gay marriage plebiscite parameters.

Musing on the ulterior motives of the LNP Government in proposing a direct plebiscite on gay marriage.

2016-377 27June16
Another Scottish independence referendum.

For article on the high likelihood that Scotland will hold another independence referendum in response to Great Britain voting to leave the EU.

2016-375P 27June16
Brexit, Breakit.
For article on Britain's decision to leave the European Union and the threat that poses to the stability of the EU.

2016-373P 24June16
So far so good.

For article on Britain voting to leave the European Union.

2016-370P 24June16
The NBN.

For article on difficulties in combining copper and fibre and all fibre areas when rolling out the NBN.

2016-367P  23June16
Australia described as having been settled or occupied but not invaded
For article on Tony Abbott's comments on the 'invaded' term.

2016-366P  23June16
Caroline Wilson no longer at risk of being drowned.

For Article on Sam Newman's follow up attack on Caroline Wilson.

2016-364P 22June16
If this should be a plebiscite.

For article claiming the
gay marriage legislation is too important not to go to a plebiscite.

2016-363P  22June16
Outsourcing Medicare services would save millions.

For article claiming outsourcing Medicare would save money.

2016-362P  21June16
Putting a positive spin on the environment.

For article on coral bleaching and the government's poor response to it.

2016-359P  21June16
Aussie rules
For article on Eddie McGuire's indiscrete comment about Caroline Wilson.

2016-353P 20June16
Eddie McGuire defends his drowning comment gaff.
For article on McGuire's indiscrete comment about Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson.

2016-352P  20June16
Bodies in the Medicare morgue.

For article on Malcolm Turnbull's assurance that he won't sell off Medicare.

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