Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Wednesday 1st July 2015   
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2015-362 30June15
Greek austerity packages.

The crippling impact of earlier austerity packages making the Greeks reluctant to accept another one.

2015-359 29June15
Greece's debt reduction
negotiating team.
Greece's debt crisis.

2015-356 27June15
Australia Post snail mail.

2,000 jobs to go at Australia Post due to fewer letters being posted as more people use the internet to send email.
2015-357 26June15
Heads should absolutely roll at the ABC.

Abbott's Heads should roll at the ABC struck me as being particularly insensitive given the actual beheadings carried out by Muslim extremists.

2015-352 24June15
The government's new Australian citizenship ceremony loyalty oath.

The Federal government's latest attacks on the ABC, questioning their loyalty.

2015-351 23June15
The ability to revoke Australian citizenship coat of arms.

Looks at legislation before parliament to give the government the power to revoke the citizenships of duel nationality naturalised Australians.

2015-347 22June15
The gap between the rich and the poor today.

rapidly widening gap between the rich and the poor.  drawn as a result of an Australian report but relevant in many countries.

2015-344 19June15
Appointing a wind farm commissioner.

The Federal Environment Minister's open hostility to wind farms.

2015-341 18June15
Strip rights poker.

Plans to introduce legislation giving the government the right to revoke the citizenship of naturalised Australians.

2015-338 17June15
Careers counselling in Indonesia.

The Australian government paying people smugglers to return intercepted asylum seeker boats to Indonesia.

2015-337 16June15
Australian's are feeling more unsafe.

The threat of climate change in Australia is a bigger and more relevant threat to Australians than the threat of terrorism in other parts of the world.

2015-333 15June15
Australian version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Skyrocketing house prices making it very difficult for people wanting to buy their first home.

2015-319 10June15
The first home buyers housing bubble.

While the threat of a burst housing bubble in Australia is still hypothetical the impact of the current housing bubble on first home buyers is both very real and strong.

2015-318 9June15
Real estate money laundering washing line.

A somewhat whimsical look at foreigners' buying Australian properties for the purpose of laundering dirty money.

2015-313 6June15
Action on climate change tony Abbott.

Abbott's reluctance to tackle climate change despite calls from other countries to lift his game.

2015-306 4June15
Handing out Australian citizenship certificates.

Planned legislation to allow the government to revoke Australian citizenship of naturalised Australians.

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