Social and political feature and pocket cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated at least twice weekly.  Last updated on  Thursday 20th July 

2017-394P  Living within their means
For article on a pending rates rise and the stress it will place on home buyers.

2017-393P  If pavements were carpets
For article on the rising numbers of homeless people.

2017-378  Letting go of coal
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on the consequences of continuing to rely on coal as a source of energy.

2017-390P  The Dalek threat for the new female Doctor Who
On the the new female Doctor Who being a female and the the way she is being treated by some quarters of the media.

2017-389P  And then there's the paper bag problem
On the ongoing battle to reduce the use of disposable plastic shopping bags.

2017-386P  We wouldn't sell our weapons willy-nilly
For article about Christopher Pyne announcing plans to export military weapons to other countries.

2017-385P  I am here to teach you about god
For article on calls to stop the teaching of religious instruction in public schools.

2017-378P  Letting go of coal
On claims that protecting coal jobs today is more important than saving the planet in the future.

2017-373P  Car safety features in the future
On the Auto industry opposing the plan to cut cars' greenhouse gas emissions.

2017-372P  We understand the electricity grid
For article on Elon Musk’s comment about commentators who don’t understand the electricity grid.

2017-370P  The Liberal Party is not a conservative party
For article on Malcolm Turnbull's claim that the Liberal Party is not a conservative party.

2017-366P  This is a huge financial impost
On the multi-million dollar legal costs awarded against Philip Morris.

2017-364P  The Government's interpretation of the latest greenhouse gas emission data
For article on the release of the latest greenhouse gas emission data.

2017-363P  Us politicians don't live in an ivory tower
For article on elite politicians being out of touch with ordinary voters.

2017-362P  Mars covered in toxic material capable of wiping out life
For article on the planet Mars being covered in a toxic material capable of wiping out life.

2017-351P  Have you been stung?
On parliament house getting beehives to supply honey for dignitaries.

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