Social and political cartoons with a slightly black and esoteric flavour. They are drawn on Australian and world issues but from an Australian perspective. This page is normally updated five times a week.  Last updated on  Tuesday 4th August 2015   
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2015-438 3Aug15
Unprejudiced prejudice.

Somewhat quirky look at racism and prejudice in general.

2015-431 31July15
Bronwyn Bishop's favourite band.

Bronwyn Bishop's expenses scandal.

2015-425 29July15
Bull and Bear markets today.

The tottering Chinese stock market dominating the world stock market.

2015-426 29July15
Guess which traveller won't be prevented from travelling to the Middle East.
Speculating that preventing the flow of arms might be more useful than trying stop volunteers travelling to the Middle East.

2015-424 28July15
Affirmative action applied to politics.

A cynical look at pledges by various political parties to address the gender imbalance in parliament.

2015-423 28July15
Helping the poor today.

This cartoon was drawn in response to an article about homeless people dying on the streets.

2015-421 27July15
The media evolutionarily race.

The decline of traditional newspapers and free to air TV.

2015-418 24July15
Bill Shorten's policy platforms.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten's new emissions trading and tougher asylum seeker policies.

2015-411 22July15
Political Religions -Australia politics heaven hell.

The ALP and the Liberal party respective love or hate of the GST and the carbon tax seemingly boiling down to a simplistic notion of heaven and hell.

2015-410 21July15
Made in Australia, printed in China.

Somewhat cynical view of the
latest made in Australia labelling.

2015-405 20July15
Family violence in
the Middle East.

Family violence pails into insignificance when compared to the violence of war.

2015-401 17July15
Reclaim Australian food.

Quirky look at Australian Nationalism buy pointing out the international component of Australians' taste in food.

2015-398 16July15
The Greek bailout.

The latest Greek bailout agreement so tough that it offers little hope to Greeks.

2015-397 16July15
The end of the age of entitlement.

Bronwyn Bishops expenses spending spree culminating in hiring a helicopter to go to a Liberal Party fundraiser.

2015-393 15July15
The Chinese stock market dragon.

Looks at the precarious nature of the Chinese stock market.

2015-392 13July15
Greek rescue packages.

The latest EU bailout package even tougher than the previous tough packages.

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